DAYTONA USA, the Official Attraction of NASCAR, is hosting an exhibit from the DeLand Museum of Art featuring custom motorcycles commissioned by Lynnco Custom Cycles and painted by the internationally acclaimed artist Chris Cruz, of DeLand and photography featuring the tattoo captured by photographer Don Rogers.

Lynnco Custom Cycles has been commissioning and touring motorcycles for major bike shows throughout the US for several years. The three bikes that will be displayed Oct. 18-23 as a part of the Fall Cycle Scene at DAYTONA USA are:

The Bombshell: To benefit the children who have lost a parent in the Armed Forces, sacrificing their life for our freedom.
The Bravest: To benefit burn victims.
The Peacemaker: To benefit children muscular dystrophy

Lynnco Custom Cycles and Founder, Lynn Jones are committed to creating bikes that raise awareness and funds for children's causes. One local cause is the DeLand Museum of Art's Art for Kids program. Lynn Jones was the honorary chairman for the Arts of Chrome and Leather event that raised funds for Art for Kids.

The exhibition will also feature a modern day chronicler of the art of the tattoo is photographer Don Rogers of Ft. Lauderdale. The tattoo was brought to Europe after Captain James Cook's visit to Tahiti in 1769 where native body art was first observed by Westerners. As we recognize the tattoo has developed into a symbolic representation of biker culture. Don Roger's work depicts people who have used their body as a canvas for the tattoo artist.

A selection of his photos will be part of the DeLand Museum of Art exhibit at DAYTONA USA during Biketoberfest and is a preview of coming attractions at the DeLand Museum's Chrome and Leather exhibit opening in March of 2007.