Kelly Clarkson Gets Ready for NEXTEL Tribute to America
TELL US ABOUT YOUR IMPRESSIONS OF DAYTONA. YOU TOOK A LAP AROUND THE TRACK WITH JIMMIE JOHNSON - ALSO TELL US A LITTLE ABOUT THAT. "I did it in Fontana - that was my first race. I actually did that in a NASCAR car - like a stock car - and I wasn't nervous there at all. Today, we were in a normal car and it was really scary. I didn't like today. Jimmie did a really good job driving it but I was just really scared. I'm a weenie, so it's cool." HAVE YOU EVER PERFORMED IN FRONT OF 200,000 PEOPLE BEFORE? "No, I think the biggest was around 80,000 or a 100,000. So, tomorrow's going to be our biggest one. So, I'm really pumped. And honestly, I'd love to say that I'm more pumped about that but I'm not. I'm actually more excited about the race. I'll have fun doing that. Performing is always fun for me, but I'm pretty pumped about the races." TELL US ABOUT YOUR INVOLVEMENT WITH NASCAR DAY. "NASCAR day, that's actually one of the reasons that we're affiliated with NASCAR. They are so noble charities. I'm all about that - giving back. That's one of the reasons that I got into NASCAR. I didn't even really know, I'm actually really new to the whole NASCAR thing. In my family, I'm like the black sheep. They are all from North Carolina so they love it. They're all excited for me. I am too. Everyone's been so cool. We just did a commercial in Irwindale and it's all about getting the word out. The overall importance is giving back and doing a lot of good. That's why I got involved with NASCAR in the first place."

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