The 8 Hours At Daytona SunTrust MOTO-ST Series finale will go green on Saturday at 1 p.m. with a competitive field of more than 40 motorcycles battling for a win at DIS.

Shawn Higbee, Recovered, Ready To Ride In SunTrust MOTO-ST Series Finale DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. - So you suffer a compound broken femur, a dislocated shoulder, a broken shoulder bone and a hip joint fracture in a motorcycle race, what do you next? Well, for Shawn Higbee, he climbs back aboard a motorcycle for an eight-hour endurance race at historic Daytona International Speedway. After a nasty crash at Iowa Speedway in July, he'll race for the locally owned Richie Morris Racing team aboard the No. 8 Daytona Harley-Davidson/Ocean Deck Buell XB12 in the BMW GrandSport Twins class in Saturday's second annual 8 Hours At Daytona. "A month ago, I didn't think I would be here," said Higbee, who is leading the GST class in points and will be chasing a championship in Saturday's endurance race, which starts at 1 p.m. Higbee suffered multiple injuries in a crash in the SunTrust MOTO-ST Series' most recent round at Iowa Speedway in July. The road to recovery has been a long and difficult journey for the Wisconsin rider. "It's definitely one of the worse crashes of my career," Higbee said. "I'm fortunate it wasn't any worse than it was. It's been real challenge to get back in shape. I've never been injured to the point where I couldn't walk. They had me in a wheel chair for a while. That was really awkward and hard to deal with. To get to crutches was a huge boost for me. From that point, things really sped up." In the last three to four weeks, Higbee has had a huge swing in his physical stamina and energy level. On Thursday, he shook down his motorcycle during the Team Hammer Advanced Riding School and that has given him confidence heading into this weekend's activities. "Yesterday was really great," Higbee said. "I was worried about getting enough track time with the weather coming in. Now I have some confidence and I know where I'm at. I know what I can do and can't do. I'm a little relived after practice. I didn't know how I would feel. I didn't know what kind of lap times I could run." Russell arrives: Motorcycle legend Scott Russell, who is tied with Miguel Duhamel with a record five Daytona 200 By Honda victories, checked in at Daytona International Speedway on Friday. He'll race a Kawasaki 650 for Pair-A Nines Racing in the SunTrust MOTO-ST Series 8 Hours At Daytona finale on Saturday. Known as "Mr. Daytona," Russell dominated the Daytona 200 By Honda, America's prestigious motorcycle race, in the 1990s winning five times (1992, 1994, 1995, 1997 and 1998). Russell, who hails from Conyers, Ga. and hasn't raced professionally since suffering injuries at DIS in 2001, is geared up about racing this weekend. "This is my first time back at Daytona since I got hurt," Russell said. "This is my first time back at Daytona. I'm experiencing this series here for the first time so I could tell you more after I get out there and ride for a little bit, see how it looks. I think this is a good format. I know Jim France is a big twins guy and it's a cool series. I like the endurance format. It should be fun. "It's been boring sitting at home the last few years, watching everybody do what I used to do. But that's what happened and that's what I've had to deal with. This is a one-off deal. I don't have plans to do anything else. We'll see (about next March). I've got the Kawasaki green on again, and it feels good." More than motorcycle racing: DIS will host a plethora of activities surrounding the motorcycle racing including free manufacturer demo rides, Friday night's Monster Dash charity ride, International Master Bike Builders Row and the Jagemeister Mobile Stage. The Daytona 500 Experience also has free admission through Saturday, Oct. 20 and bikers will be able to drive free into the infield to view the International Bike Builders Row and Jagemeister Mobile Stage. Tickets: For tickets to any of the

events, call 1-800-PITSHOP or they can be purchased at the game. Friday's ASRA and Championship Cup Series Results GTU Amateur: 1. Christopher Clark, Triumph 675; 2. Mike Murray, Yamaha 600; 3. AJ Krause, Kawasaki 636; GTU Expert: 1. Nicky Moore, Kawasaki 600; Scott Greenwood, Kawasaki 600; 3. Chris Fillmore, Kawasaki 600; Expert GT Lights: 1. Brad Hendry, BMW 1200; 2. Jason Edmonds, Ducati 1000; 3. Garrett Rick, Ducati 1000; Amateur GT Lights: 1. Kevin Mendez, BIM 1000; 2. Ted Siljestrom, Ducati 1000; 3. Benjamin Clinton, Ducati 1000; Amateur GTO: 1. Dustin Boyd, Suzuki 1000; 2. Tiras Banks, Suzuki 1000; 3. Jim Wirth, Suzuki 1000; Expert GTO: Seth Starnes, Suzuki 1000; 2. Lloyd Bayley, Suzuki 1000; 3. Marco Martinez, Suzuki 1000.

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