DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. (Oct. 21, 2007) - Highlighted by the return of "Mr. Daytona" and the second annual 8 Hours at Daytona, Fall Cycle Scene wrapped up at historic Daytona International Speedway on Sunday. On track, Saturday night's second annual 8 Hours At Daytona SunTrust MOTO -ST Series saw the No. 18 Suzuki with riders Chris Ulrich, Gary Mason and Cory West capture the Series' season finale. "It's huge, to win at Daytona is huge," Ulrich said. "It's huge. It's Daytona. It's the World Center of Racing. I've been wanting to win some stuff at Daytona for a long time and I finally won some stuff." Motorcycle legend Scott "Mr. Daytona" Russell, tied with Miguel Duhamel with a record five Daytona 200 By Honda victories, showed up at DIS racing a Kawasaki 650 for Pair-A Nines Racing in the SunTrust MOTO-ST Series finale Saturday as well. Halfway through the race, however, Russell high sided in the east horseshoe. "I got out there, maybe I was a little bit off lined, just whacked the throttle too hard and it swung me off the top," he said after a 33rd overall and 14the class finish in the GrandSport Twins class with co-riders Kent Kunitsugi and Brett McCormick. The No. 9 Pair-A-Nines Kawasaki team clinched the Sport Twins Team title at Daytona despite suffering a blown engine on its Kawasaki EX650 while leading the class by a lap. The team had enough of an advantage that it was still classified seventh and beat the Go Big Racing Suzuki team, which finished second in the race, by five points in the standings, 187-182. Shawn Higbee, who suffered a compound broken femur, a dislocated shoulder, a broken shoulder bone and a hip joint fracture in a nasty crash at Iowa Speedway in July, also returned to DIS to compete in the SunTrust MOTO-ST Series Finale, placing 22nd overall and 8th in the GST Class. Off track, three days of "must-see" activities included free manufacturer demo rides, a 111-bike Monster Dash charity ride on the high-banks of DIS, International Master Bike Builders Row, the Jagemeister Mobile Stage and free admission to The Daytona 500 Experience. "What a fantastic weekend of racing and entertainment for the thousands of bikers who came through the historic Turn Four Tunnel," said DIS President Robin Braig. "We're already thinking of ways to make next year's experience even more memorable." Sandwiched around the SunTrust MOTO-ST event, were Saturday and Sunday's on-track competition in the ASRA Championship Series and Championship Cup Series events. Sunday's on track results Expert Middleweight Grand Prix: 1. Nicky Moore, Kawasaki 600; 2. Scott Greenwood, Kawaski 600; 3. Ryan Patterson, Yamaha 600; Amateur Middleweight Grand Prix: 1. Christopher Clark, Triumph 675; 2. Mike Murray, Yamaha 600; 3. AJ Krause, Kawaski 636; 125 Grand Prix: 1. Billy Veatch, Honda 125; 2. Hector St. John, Yamaha 125; ROC 125 GP Expert: 1. Scott Coccoli, Honda 125; 2. Adam Loeffler, Honda 125; 3. Brent Lyskawa, Honda 125; Ultra Light Superbike: 1. Christopher Watt, Honda 650; 2. Ramon Vazquez, Ducati 800; 3. Ronnie Holloman, Triumph 750; ROC Expert Ultra Light Superbike: 1. Steve Kennedy, Ducati 800; 2. Charles Burnett, Honda 650; 3. Travis Pepin, Honda 450; Expert Heavyweight SuperSport: 1. Eric Wood, Suzuki 750; 2. Shane Narbonne, Suzuki 750; 3. Greg Melka, Yamaha 600; Amateur Heavyweight SuperSport: 1. Eric Douglass, Suzuki 750; 2. Jason Bunte, Suzuki 750; 3. Jim Wieth, Suzuki 750; Amateur Lightweight SuperSport: 1. Ted Siljestrom, Ducati 1000; 2. Chris Sullivan, Ducati 1000; 3. Ramon Vazquez, Ducati 1000; Expert Lightweight SuperSport: 1. Scott Robertson, Suzuki 650; 2. Jason Edmonds, Ducati 1000; 3. Neil Linden, Kawasaki 650; Expert Middleweight Superbike: 1. Nicky Moore, Kawasaki 600; 2. Taylor Knapp, Kawasaki 600; 3. Scott Greenwood, Kawasaki 600; Amateur Middleweight Superbike: 1. Christopher Clark, Triumph 675; 2. Mike Murray, Yamaha

600; 3. Melvin Nash, Suzuki 600; Amateur Unlimited GP: 1. Dustin Boyd, Suzuki 1000; 2. Tiras Banks, Suzuki 1000; 3. Brian Rivera, Yamaha 6000; Expert Unlimited GP: 1. J. Seth Starkes, Suzuki 1000; 2. David Loikits, Suzuki 1000; 3. Shane Narbonne, Suzuki 1000; Expert Lightweight Grand Prix: 1. Brad Hendry, BMW 1200; 2. Jason Edmonds, Ducati 1000; 3. Daniele Lenardazzim Yamaha 250; Amateur Lightweight Grand Prix: 1. Kevin Mendez, BMW 1000; 2. Benjamin Clinton, Ducati 1000; 3. Chris Sullivan, Ducati 1000; Amateur Heavyweight Superbike: 1. Eric Douglass, Suzuki 750; 2. James Joyce, Suzuki 750; 3. Jason Runte, Suzuki 750; Expert Heavyweight Superbike: 1. Eric Wood, Yamaha 600; 2. Jeff Wood, Yamaha 600; 3. Ryan Patterson, Yamaha 600; Amateur Lightweight Superbike: 1. Chris Sullivan, Ducati 1000; 2. Leon Zelensky, Suzuki 650; 3. Ramon Vazquez, Ducati 1000; Expert Lightweight Superbike: 1. Brad Hendry, BMW 1200; 2. Thomas Eckfeldt, Ducati 1000; 3. Scott Robertson, Ducati 1000; Amateur Unlimited Superbike: 1. Dustin Boyd, Suzuki 1000; 2. Norman Pomerleau, Suzuki 6000; 3. Deam Smith, Suzuki 1000; Expert Unlimited Superbike: Johnny Rock Page, Yamaha 1000; Raymond Ehibedeau, Suzuki 1000; 3. David Loikits, Suzuki 1000; Expert SuperTwins: 1. Steve Crevier, Buell 1340; 2. Thomas Eckfeldt, Ducati 1098; 3. Paul SCwemmer, Suzuki 1000; Amateur SuperTwins: 1. R. Travis Marshall, Ducati 998; 2. John Mullen, Suzuki 1000; 3. Chuck Coughlin, Honda 1000; Superbike: 1. Steve Crevier, Buell 1340; 2. Chris Fillmore, Kawasaki 600; 3. Garrett Carter, Suzuki 600; SuperStock: 1. David Loikits, Suzuki 1000; 2. Lloyd Bayley, Suzuki 1000; 3. Johnny Rock Page, Yamaha 1000; Thunderbike: 1. Dave Estok, Buell 900; 2. Brad Hendry, BMW 1200; 3. Julio Fuentes, Ducati 748; Factory Pro Sportbike: 1. Barrett Long, Yamaha 600; 2. Nicky Moore, Kawaski 600; 3. Jeff Wood, Yamaha 600.