Mason Mitchell is six. Brother Logan is seven. Both are boys of few words and instead let their driving skills do the talking for them.


Both competing in WKA’s Daytona
KartWeek by Cometic Gasket

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. – Mason Mitchell is six. Brother Logan is seven. Both are boys of few words and instead let their driving skills do the talking for them. 

“I like to win,” said the youngest Mitchell. “So do I,” said the eldest.
The brothers, and mom and dad, have exiled themselves from the frosty Missouri weather to enjoy their first trip to historic Daytona International Speedway to compete in the WKA’s Daytona KartWeek by Cometic Gasket this weekend. The siblings are just two of the hundreds of competitors hitting the pavement and enjoying the ideal weather conditions at DIS including NASCAR Sprint Cup Series driver and DIS’s defending July Sprint Cup Series 400 champion Jamie McMurray, as well as his father, Jim, who is a regular kart entry at DIS.
Nestled under a tent in the corner of the DIS infield and making the multi-hour trip from Palmyra, Missouri, both are glad to be here and excited to make their first “start” at “The World Center of Racing.”
“This is pretty cool,” said Mason who is in kindergarten back home and, along with his brother compete in the Kid Karts division. “We rode the tram last night and rode in the cars on the track. It was pretty cool.”
Mason has won two championships (2006 & 2007) in the Kid Kart Division at his local track in West Quincy, Missouri. The brothers also compete in the Central State Series to perfect their driving skills. Brother Logan has also claimed several victories including the local Kid Kart Championship in 2005 and the Central States Super Series Kid Kart Division in 2006.
“Yea, this is cool,” said Logan, a three-year karting veteran. “I really like it,” Through his interpreter – Mom, Kristi – that means he’s having a great time. “This is our first time here and it’s unbelievable. We’re having such a great time.”
On Saturday, both were trying to find their groove on the challenging ½-mile infield Sprint Course located inside NASCAR turns 3 and 4.
To see Mason, Logan or Jamie McMurray on the sprint course or more than 200 road racers including Jamie’s dad Jim, tackle the high banks in karts traveling more than 100 mph, stop by the Speedway between 9-5 Sunday.
Saturday’s Results
100cc Controlled: 1. Rick Fulks, 2. Nate Grindell, 3. Brandon Fry; 100cc Pipe Heavy: 1. Lance Fry, 2. Randy FUlks, 3. Bret Spaude; Heavy: 1.

Michael McCombs; 2. Eric Larue, 3. Scott Clark; CIK 125 Sprint 1: 1. Michael O’Chocke, 2. Beth Chryst, 3. Andrew Noyes; WKA 125 Sprint 1: 1. Joe Komyati, 2. Bob Anderson, 3. Travis Hill; HPV Lite: 1. TJ Koyen, 2. Julia Landauer, 3. Brandon Adkins; HPV Jr. Lite: 1. Tommy Anderson, 2. Shinya Michimi, 3. Zack Busch; HPV Jr. Lite: 1. Tommy Anderson, 2. Shinya Michimi, Zack Busch; Yamaha Heavy: 1. Kevin Nelson, 2. Corey Reeves, 3. Scott Ferris; Yamaha Masters: 1. Jeff Jewell, 2. John Dixon, 3. Dale Roller; Yamaha Jr. SuperCan Heavy: 1. Cody Robinson, 2. Dylan Nobile, 3. Dakota Pesek; Yamaha Sr. Spts Lite: 1. Brandon Adkins, 2. Chris Larson, 3. Corey Reeves;   Briggs Raptor 360: 1. Craig Wulf, 2. Ross Wulf, 3. Robert Iverson; Jr. Sprint Lite: 1. Courtney Atkinson, 2. Clint Kliem, 3. Tyler Scott; PP Can Sprint 360: 1. David Bruinsma, 2. Kevin Learnard, 3. Scott Clark; Briggs Animal 335: 1. Mike Stroik, 2. M Duke Clark, 3. Jessica Brannam; Briggs Animal 385: 1. Danny Miller, 2. Paul Rice III, 3. Vince Bartolotta; Briggs Jr. Sprint Lite: 1. Stephanie Schumacher, 2. Alex Quarteiley, 3. Jerred Hembree; Stock Leopard: 1. Sam Linhardt, 2. Damien Winn, 3. Phil Kirby; WKA Sprint: 1. Scott Clark, 2. Courtney Good, 3. Mark Scott; Jr. Enduro Lite: 1. Brent Goodwin, 2. Anthony Gillum, 3. Luke Canizales III; Piston Port Can Lite: 1. Lindsay Walkup-Fox, 2. David Linhardt, 3. Mike Schwarz; Yamaha Sportsman Medium: 1. Lance Fry, 2. Nate Grindell, 3. Keith Freber; Formula 125: 1. Mittch White, 2. Rory Pederson, 3. Michael Lattos; Unlimited 1: 1. Kenneth Deutsch, 2. Carl Goutell, 3. Robert Lawson; 250 Twin 1: 1. Jim Brannon, 2. Bryan Kolleda, 3. Mike Hurdzan; B Stock: 1. Johnny Howard, 2. Bret Spaude, 3. Kevin Kann; Formula 100: 1. Rick Fulks, 2 Donald G. Chrzan, 3. Pierre Huang; Open Sprint 1: 1. Louie Magiera, 2. Derek Billingsly, 3. Jeff Ford; Spec 125 Sprint 1: 1. Bret Spaude, 2. Jason Enders, 3. Trevor Hill; Stock Honda: 1. Clark Gaynor Jr., 2. Jack Falkenstein, 3. Chris Deckard; Vintage Euro (Friday): 1. Robert Lilley, Sr., 2. Phillip Reuter, 3. Robert Lilley, Jr.; Vintage USA (Friday): 1. Kenneth Chew, 2. William Anderson.

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