ST. LOUIS (Jan. 22, 2008) – Budweiser is giving fans of The Great American Race even more reason to enjoy the 50th running of the Daytona 500 with “The Great American Lager."
For a limited-time, Budweiser – the nation’s No. 1 selling American-style lager – offers racing fans 21 years of age and older the chance to purchase commemorative 50th Anniversary Daytona 500-themed aluminum bottles featuring the Daytona 500 logo and the words “50 Years / The Great American Race/ 2008.” They will be available as single 16-ounce bottles at select on-premise retail accounts and in loose 24-packs at select off-premise locations.
“For the fans, Budweiser is an integral part of the enjoyment that comes with watching competitive motorsports at home or at the track. We are proud to celebrate our many decades of sponsoring great teams, great racetracks, and great drivers,” said Tom Shipley, director of Budweiser marketing. “This commemorative package is something the sport’s enthusiasts will appreciate, and gives our wholesalers and retail customers an important point of difference in the marketplace.”
Budweiser’s commemorative aluminum bottles and secondary packaging is available for a limited time and supported by point-of-sale and other retail support materials.