DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. (March 1, 2009) – As he continues to warm up for the reminder of Daytona 200 Week By Honda, Team M4 Suzuki’s Jason DiSalvo won his second race during his 2009 visit to Daytona International Speedway by taking the checkered flag in the ASRA Factory Pro Sportbike event on Sunday.

“The M4 Suzuki had a good bit of power,” said DiSalvo, who later in the day won a CCS six-lap sprint race. “l felt like I could draft and accelerate well.”

In his kicking off his first season riding the No. 40 Suzuki for the Team M4 Suzuki, DiSalvo took the checkered flag in Thursday’s Team Challenge in the Solo Division.

Results from the other three ASRA races on Sunday were:

The Superstock race was delayed 30 minutes due to weather and only saw three entries as most of the field elected to sit out due to track conditions. Kevin Nolde aboard the No. 248 Kawasaki was able to cruise to his first career ASRA win. “I took it easy, easy,” Nolde said.

The Superbike race saw improved weather conditions and greater competition as Tomas Puerta, aboard the No. 848 Ducati, was able to get in front in the last half of the race and hold on for the checkered flag. “The ride is very good,” Puerta said.

The Thunderbike race ended in classic Daytona fashion as Danny Bilansky on the No. 11 Buell passed Nate Kern on No. 1 BMW in the last one hundred yards to win by .001 seconds.  “I had a bit of déjà vu from my championship in 2006,” Bilansky said. “It just happened.” Kern, the defending champion, held the lead for most of the race with Bilansky drafting off of him at the last second for the win.

Beginning Monday, AHRMA activities take over DIS for the next two days before the AMA Pro Racing program kicks off on Wednesday.

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Sunday’s results:

ASRA Finals:

Thunderbike: 1. Danny Bilansky, Buell 1200; 2. Nate Kern, BMW 1200; 3. Joel Spalding, Buell 1200.

Superbike: 1. Tomas Puerta, Ducati 848; 2. Paul Allison, Yamaha 600; 3. Eric Wood, Honda 600.

Superstock: 1. Kevin Nolde, Kawasaki; 2. David Loikits, Suzuki 1000; 3. Antal Halasz, Suzuki 100.

Factory Pro Sportbike: 1. Jason DiSalvo, Suzuki; 2. Robertino Pietro, Yamaha; 3. Eric Wood, Honda 600.

CCS Events:

Amateur Unlimited SuperSport: 1. Charles Justice, Kawasaki 1000; 2. Javier Vazquez, Suzuki 750; 3. Jean Palau, Suzuki 1000.

Expert Unlimited SuperSport: 1. David Loikits, Suzuki 1000; 2. Michael Barnes, Buell 1125; 3. Charlie Mavros, Suzuki 1000.

Amateur Middleweight SuperSport: 1. Hunter Propst, Suzuki 600; 2. Sean Cassell, Honda 600; 3. James Cohrs, Yamaha 600.

Expert Middleweight SuperSport: 1. Jason DiSalvo, Suzuki 600; 2. Tomas Puerta, Ducati 848; 3. Greg Melka, Yamaha 600.

Amateur Heavyweight SuperSport: 1. Ronald Poulin, Yamaha 600; 2. Juan Carlos Osorio, Suzuki 600; 3. James Cohrs, Yamaha 600.

Expert Heavyweight SuperSport: 1. Shane Marbonne, Suzuki 750; 2. Santiago Villa, Suzuki 600; 3. Greg Melka, Yamaha 600.

Amateur Lightweight SuperSport: 1. Jay Smith, Buell 1200; 2. Steve Grujic, Suzuki 650; 3. Brian Mullen, Suzuki 650.

Expert Lightweight SuperSport: 1. Mark Evry, Ducati 1000; 2. Brad Faas, Suzuki 650; 3. Gary Cain, Suzuki 650.

Femmoto Middleweight: 1. Melissa Paris, Yamaha 600; 2. Meghan Stiles, Yamaha 600; 3. Karen Grujic, Kawasaki 600.

Amateur Formula 40: 1. Ronald Poulin, Yamaha 600; 2. James Cohrs, Yamaha 600; 3. Vernon Wellington, Yamaha 600.

Expert Formula 40: 1. John Ashmead, Kawasaki 600; 2. Charlie Mavros, Suzuki 750; 3. Makr McCormick, Yamaha 600.

Amateur Ultra Light Superbike: 1. Michael Sabourin, Suzuki 650; 2. Steve Grujic, Suzuki 650; 3. Al Smith, Suzuki 650.

Amateur Unlimited Superbike: 1. Charles Justice, Suzuki 1000; 2. Jean Palau, Suzuki 1000; 3. Adrian Jasson, Yamaha 600.

Expert Unlimited Superbike: 1. David Loikits, Suzuki 1000; 2. Scott Greenwood, Suzuki 1000; 3. Chris Ulrich, Suzuki 1000.