Daytona International Speedway has implemented an innovative fan texting service that allows fans to text in their call for help during an event, directly from their seats in the grandstands to our command center, who can then dispatch to your location:

·         Emergency services, for a medical emergency,
·         Ushers, for seating area assistance,
·         Security, regarding unruly fans around you,
·         Track operations, for seat repairs,
·         Other speedway departments, for related assistance

Here's how simple it is:

Need help during your visit with us? Send a text message to: 69050

In body of text message:

1)      Type disfan

2)      Add a space after disfan

3)      Type in your issue or need and location

4)      Push send and your message is on its way to our command center for action assignment. Please note:          standard sms rates apply

5)      You will receive an automated reply and follow-up messages as needed.

Please enjoy your visit with us!