DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. -- Thunder Alley, located outside Turn 4, will be a must-see destination for bikers visiting Daytona International Speedway Oct. 14-17 for Fall Cycle Scene.

Here's a complete schedule of activities in Thunder Alley:

Thursday, October 14th

DJ                             9 am-6pm
Minute to Spin It         2 pm
Strong Arm Contest    4 pm

Friday, October 15th

DJ                                         9 am-2pm
Monster’s Bicycle Competition   9 am
Strong Arm Contest                12 pm
Band: Stiff Upper Lip               1 pm-5 pm
Captain Morgan Pose Off          2 pm
All American Tattoo Contest     4 pm

Saturday, October 16th

DJ                                         9 am-2 pm
Band: The Trans Ams             12 pm-6 pm
Hooter’s Bikini Contest             1 pm-3 pm
Strong Arm Contest                 4 pm
Captain Morgan Pose Off          5 pm

Sunday, October 17th

DJ                                        9 am-3 pm
Minute to Spin It                   12 pm