Be sure to check out these tips before hitting the campsites for Rolex 24 weekend.

If you’re going to go to a 24-hour race, the best way to be a part of all the action is to immerse yourself in the experience for 24 hours – or more. The only way to truly accomplish that is by camping in the famed DAYTONA infield as nothing puts you in and around the action like staying here. You can do a lot of what you’d normally do camping, even build a fire, but before you grab your sleeping bag or pack up the RV, there’s a few things you should know about camping at the World Center of Racing.

Camping is limited, but attainable.

It’s a big infield, but because the cars run through a large portion of it and of course there is the big Lake Lloyd, space is at a premium. As the Rolex 24 has gotten more popular all camping and RV spots are now reserved. By the time the race rolls around, all spots are sold out. If you don’t have a spot and want to camp this year, you can still get a spot outside NASCAR Turn 1 with access to the tram to take you into the track. If you’re interested in camping in the infield next year, make sure you sign up for the Rolex 24 newsletter to find out when spots go on sale.


Your spot is your spot, no more or less.

The space sizes for camping are pretty generous, but make sure you stick to what’s yours. Just because no one is in the spot next you on Thursday doesn’t mean there won’t be someone there on Friday or Saturday. The DIS staff are very friendly and helpful. If someone is parked or set up on your spot, just ask for help and they can help you take care of any problems. For the safety and consideration of all other guests, make sure your vehicle is fully parked in your spot. They have to keep access to the track and infield open to EMS and track officials, so please try to stay off the asphalt.

Know what you can bring and can’t bring.

Nearly any mode of transportation other than your RV (note: RVs are not permitted in tent camping areas) or primary vehicle are not allowed. This means powered carts, ATVs, three-wheeled vehicles, scooters, lift trucks, tractor trailers, unpermitted golf carts, box trucks will not be permitted on the premises. In addition, fireworks, firearms, bicycles, motorcycles, skateboards, drones, hoverboards, cruising or excessive unnecessary driving is not permitted in the infield. Despite the things you’re asked to leave at home, there's actually a lot you can bring along and people get quite creative. Want bring a Christmas tree and decorate it with beer cans? Go for it, but be sure to check out the complete list of what you can and can’t bring.


More things to consider with an RV

RVs can only enter through the Turn 1 tunnel, so be sure to plan accordingly. Some sites have water and electricity, (it should say if your site does or does not) but not all. If you’re using a generator be mindful of people around you, both for noise and carbon monoxide. Just be sure to keep your site well-ventilated. Your RV pass includes a tow pass. You don’t have to tow a car and can drive it in, but that tow pass will be the pass for that vehicle. Sewage service is provided on property and you will see them driving around the sites.

Be ready for the weather.

The average high temperature for the race is around 70 degrees. The average low is around 50. In the past 20 years, there have certainly have been extremes in both directions, so be sure to check the weather before you go. It’s not uncommon for your clothing needs in a weekend to range from shorts and flip flops a nice coat and rain gear. Remember, because you’ll be there for 2-4 days, the weather is likely to -- and often does -- change. If you are in need of clothing or gear, make a stop at the Last Lap store in the infield.


Plan your trip back.

You’re coming back right? If you have a camping or RV spot, you have first right of refusal on that spot next year. The ticket office should let you know when your renewal time is. The deadline is generally around early June.

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