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Block Pass


The term block pass is used in motorcycle racing and describes a cornering pass technique. The following rider dives down to the inside and takes the inside line with the aim of getting in ahead of the rider in front. The overtaking rider then slows the bike down and, by brake checking late in the turn, closes off the line, thereby forcing the following rider to either take the outside line or brake, which allows the overtaking rider to ultimately gain the lead position. Block passes are best when they're made prior to the apex of the turn.



In addition to making a rider slow down or lose momentum, contact is sometimes made with the intentions of causing the other rider to fall over. This is a good technique to pass a rider who is hard to get around or matches your speed.


Use at DIS:

The maneuver will be seen throughout the DAYTONA Supercross By Honda event. Sharp turns throughout the course, designed by five-time DAYTONA Supercross By Honda Champion Ricky Carmichael is full of tough, tight turns. One of the more recent memorable examples of the riskiness of a block pass played out in the 2014 DAYTONA Supercross By Honda as Justin Barcia attempted to pass Malcolm Stewart with ten laps to go. With there remains debate as to who was truly at fault, the two riders’ bikes tangled towards the end of the passing attempt and resulted in both drivers spilling off of their bikes. Running 5th and 6th at the time, both finished the race outside the top ten.

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