Wristbands/Tickets - Whether you have a single-day ticket, three-day weekend wristbands, VIP Crew Chief or VIP Pit wristbands, or camping package, be sure to have them with you for entry. For single day tickets, make sure to bring the correct day's ticket for admission.

Still need yours? 3-day and single-day options are selling fast, but still available here.

DAYTONA Mobile App – Download the Daytona International Speedway Mobile App, fill out the DAYTONA Rewards registration and save your QR code in the app. Bring that code with you to our DAYTONA Rewards location on event days and we'll be giving away great prizes and experiences.

Sunscreen - If you bring nothing else, pack sunscreen! The Florida sun is expected to be out early and often over Memorial Day weekend. Spray and liquid sunscreen are both allowed inside.

Phone Chargers - From taking selfies to snapchatting your friends, over the course a weekend, your phone will be using a lot of battery. Make sure to have either a fully-charge portable phone charger or a charging cord with you.

Money - Food vendors vary on whether they take cash and credit or just cash, so be sure to have money on-hand. There will be ATMS located throughout the site for your convenience.

Clothing & Accessories

Hat & Sunglasses – Baseball hat, bucket hat, cowboy hat; you really can’t go wrong as long as your face is protected from a full day of sunshine. It’s also probably a good idea to get straps for your sunglasses, so they don’t fall of while you’re jamming to your favorite song.

Forget your hat? Don't worry! Visit merchandise booths for official festival gear!


Rain jacket or poncho - As we all know, Mother Nature can be unpredictable. Be sure to bring items to prepare for all types of weather and bring multiple options for each day as you’ll may want to change between day and night.

Shoes – This is the Country 500 so, of course, cowboy boots are highly recommended. You’ll also want to be comfortable, so a consider sneakers or a pair of sports sandals. They will give you some support, but keep your feet comfortable in the sun. Rain boots are also a must-have, just in case.


Tent – Unless you’re bringing an RV, this one is a no brainer for both convenience and price. If you’ve purchased a tent spot, consider a pop-up tent as they are quick and easy to assemble.


Tarp – Tie up a tarp between two tents and you’ll have yourself a nice shade spot to relax during the day and escape the sun.

Flags and Accessories – There are thousands of tents at your campsite which may all look the same at night after a few beers. Bring a flag or something memorable to locate your tent. Just remember that only non-metallic flagpoles (fiberglass, PVC, vinyl) with a max height of 15 feet are allowed.

Cooler – Stay hydrated by loading up a cooler with water bottles and ice or reusable ice packs before you get here. Coolers of any size will be allowed in the campgrounds, but coolers taken into the festival grounds must be sized for a 12-pack or smaller and will only be allowed to contain ice and sealed bottles of water.

Flashlight or headlamp – Bring these so you can safely find you way back to camp at night.

Sleeping bag with pad – Make sure you're comfortable all weekend long by bringing the right sleeping bag.

Chairs – Pack beach or tailgating chairs to sit around camp before the festivities begin. Small folding “camp” chairs will only be allowed in the festival grounds in specified locations.

Join us Memorial Day Weekend for the inaugural Country 500. For tickets and more information click here.