What should you bring?

To truly get the best experience at the very first Ferrari Finali Mondiali to be held in North America, you need to fully sense the sights, sounds and atmosphere of this historic event. Making sure you complete this checklist is your key to enjoying a truly unique weekend of racing.

Parking Pass

From Thursday, December 1 to Sunday, December 4, infield parking will be available for just $10 daily or $30 for a four-day parking pass. On Sunday, the stadium will be open and $10 daily parking will be available in Lot 1, just outside of the Florida Hospital injector. Guests can purchase in advance or on the day of the event at the tunnels or entrance to Lot 1. In addition, trams will run from the stadium to the infield, making parking and transportation easy and convenient for all fans. Make sure to download the Daytona International Speedway mobile app to assist you in navigating the property.


For Sunday only, the world’s only motorsports stadium will be open, allowing you the chance at some of the finest sightlines in racing. While every view is terrific, the passionate race fan will want to see these finely-tune machines in extraordinary detail.


Whether you take pictures on your phone or bring along a camera, this a weekend that will create memories you’ll want to keep forever. A camera will come in handy as you admire all of the notable cars on display, including the Ferrari Challenge 348, F355, 360, F430 and 458 EVO.


Prepare for the Outdoors

December in DAYTONA makes for some of the best weather in all of racing; however, just like the action on-track, Mother Nature can be unpredictable. Be sure to bring items to prepare for all types of weather including rain ponchos, sunglasses and sunscreen. It’s also recommended that you dress in layers to best prepare for any time of day. Remember that umbrellas aren't permitted in the stadium or in Fanzone.

Comfortable Shoes

With so much to do and so much to see, a comfortable pair of shoes will be your best friend for this event. Be sure to put those shoes to work by and get exclusive up-close access to the garages. Stroll through the garages to take a closer look at the Ferrari Challenge 458 EVOs or walk around the infield to see the F1 cars maneuver the challenging road course. Prior to the event, garage access is included with 4-day admission ONLY. On the day of the event, garage access will be sold at the entrance of Fanzone.

Racing Headphones

When some of the finest engines in all of motorsports speeding past you at almost 200 mph, things can get noisy. Bring along a pair of headphones or ear plugs so you can enjoy the race and public address system at a comfortable volume. The full broadcast of the racing action is available at 107.9 FM.


Make yourself at home by bringing coolers from home, full of your favorite food and drinks. Be sure to check out the gate policies to find out what you can and cannot bring.

Is there any else you’re curious if you’ll need? Ask us any further questions by commenting in the box below!

For the first time ever, the Ferrari Finali Mondiali comes to North America. Come see Formula One, GT, XX Programme and Challenge cars on the legendary high banks of DAYTONA, December 1-4.

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