Dale Earnhardt Jr.
Fans react on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram before Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s final Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series race this weekend at Homestead-Miami Speedway.


1. Thank you Dale Jr. It has been a wonderful, amazing ride! You made me love NASCAR! You brought more to this sport then anyone will ever know. Your work outside the track has been stellar! Thanks for the great memories.

- Karen S. Johnson

2. Racing is in your blood and always will be. It was a joy to watch your career flourish. Wishing you a wonderful post-racing life with your family! Thanks for the memories Jr.!

- Gerry Bokhart Fults

3. Thank you so much for taking all of us at Jr. Nation along with you on the most incredible ride of our lives. With each race you always made us feel important to you even if we couldn’t be at the track that week and were watching from home. In a million years we can never repay the joy and pride you’ve given to us.

There’s no secret why you’ve been voted fan favorite 14 years in a row. You have represented NASCAR well on and off the track. You’re an awesome humanitarian which really speaks to my heart. You make it a great honor to be a member of Jr. Nation and we will always be by your side. Am I sad to see Homestead come? Yes! But that’s pure selfishness on my part. Am I excited for your future? Yes! To the moon and back. It finally dawned on me that we still have JR Motorsports to see you and on NBC.

God bless you and Amy and your little girl. Jr. Nation is so excited to be welcoming our newest little “E” come next year!

We love you! Thank you for being our Dale Jr.! You being Ralph Dale Earnhardt, Jr. yourself. Could not be prouder!

- Debra Stone

4. Thanks for being not only my favorite driver to pull for week-in and week-out, but for being a role model someone to look up to, and more importantly just being you. There will never be another Dale Jr. and I’m glad I can say you’ll always be my favorite driver and a hero/role model in my eyes and will forever be a champion! Thank you Dale.

- Joshua Parrott

5. Junior, thank you for all the fun memories and keeping it classy over the years. Seriously, you are one of a kind. You are a genuine person with a good soul as demonstrated in all of your interviews and your personal activities. You have given us great memories as a driver and as an individual. You are an inspiration of what we should all strive to be. I flew from Minnesota to Texas last week to finally see you race before my chances were gone. What an awesome experience. I personally watched you give countless autographs without a second thought and with pleasure. You have made NASCAR a joy to watch. NASCAR will never be the same without you. My best wishes for you, your health and your new family.

- Kari Johnson

Dale Earnhardt Jr.

6. It has been an amazing ride and we in Jr. Nation thank you for that. You have brought joy, laughter and tears to us all and through it all you were a pillar of strength sharing in it all with your fans. I am proud to say I am a member of Jr. Nation and will continue to be for life. Your character, and sportsmanship are unrivaled and have brought so much to the sport and the lives of the fans. Thanks for the ride, Jr.!

- Aaron Koski

7. Thanks for the memories Dale, it's been a great ride for Jr. Nation over the years and have enjoyed every moment of it, but it's time to begin the next chapter of your life with your wife Amy, and soon your new baby girl, thanks for what you done for the sport of NASCAR. You'll be sorely missed on the race track.

- Matthew McGregor

8. Thank you for always being someone positive for me and my children to look up to. And for all the excitement from winning, especially in 2001 at the Daytona night race.

- Anthony Greco III

Dale Earnhardt Jr.


9. I became a fan of yours watching my first NASCAR race at (Daytona International Speedway) & became a #ForeverFan when I met you in person - always handled things so professional and polite for your fans, all while trying to do what you do - race/practice. You're a true #ClassAct #ForeverAFan #JrNation

- @Fozzie88


10. Plain and simple, thank you. Thank you for being you, for being an inspiration for the next generations of driver to come, an inspiration to people that thought they couldn’t. You showed it can be done and thank you for being so humble and gracious to your fans giving them the time of day.

- @nascarchef88

11. Simply, thank you for the best racing I've ever watched. I was born into racing with my uncle being involved with Roush Racing and Wood Brothers, and you have always been and always will be my favorite driver! God bless your future endeavors with friends and family! I hope retirement treats you well #thankyoudalejr

- @emmyb1ake

12. I'd say thanks for the whole 2014 season. The last thing me and my father did together was watch you win the 500. It was the last time I saw him smile. He passed the Saturday after. That whole year the only thing that would ease the pain was watching you have your best season in years. Having you to cheer for every Sunday. You helped me through the most difficult part of my life, and you made my dad happy one last time. Thank you Dale Jr. #appreci88ion

- @alexwbell99

13. Thank you for being yourself and not someone else Dale Jr. You have always put others before yourself and always went above and beyond to make us fans enjoy every moment of NASCAR racing. I’ve watched u since 1999 and have been a fan of yours ever since. Thanks for the memories Dale.

- @dword14

Dale Earnhardt Jr.

14. Thank you for best time ever being your fan. You are the greatest and will always be my favorite. You sacrificed so much for the sport. I wish you the best in all do.

- @wmrains

15. Thank you! Thank you for everything you have done for the sport. Thank you for the memories but most importantly thank you for allowing your fans to join you on this ride! NASCAR will not be the same without you & you will be missed more than you'll know. As this chapter in your life closes, know that your fans wish you & Amy the best as a new chapter begins. THANK YOU DALE!

- @sherri8812

16. Ralph, thanks for all the great memories, especially the last win at Daytona. No matter the situation you always stayed true to yourself. Wish you nothing but the best moving forward, congrats on the wife, child, and retirement. #classact #peopleschamp

- @jts_7

17. You’ve made me the fan and #jrnation member I am today! You always give it your all, are wonderful to your fans and are just an all-around wonderful guy! You’re going to make an amazing father just like your daddy was to you! I wish you all the best in your retirement, marriage, fatherhood and life!

- @_88lover

18. Thank you for renewing my love of NASCAR! I am excited to see the future of this sport grow because of you!

- @jgraves1017

19. He has always been there for the fans and never sold out. When he got the pole at the July race a few years back, he took the time to shake ever single person’s hand during the driver intros. That instantly gained my respect.

- @jackthomson_42

Dale Earnhardt Jr.

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