Mar 06 | 2012 DAYTONA Supercross By Honda Supercross Class Entry List


Entry list for the 2012 Supercross By Honda Supercross Class at Daytona International Speedway.

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. -- Entry list for the 2012 DAYTONA Supercross By Honda Supercross Class on Saturday, March 10 at Daytona International Speedway.

Number, Name, Hometown, Bike

No. 1, Ryan Villopoto, Seattle, Wa, KAW
No. 5, Ryan Dungey, Belle Plaine, MN, KTM
No. 7, James Stewart Jr., Haines City, FL, YAM
No. 9, Ivan Tedesco, Murrieta, CA, KAW
No. 10, Justin Brayton, Murrieta, CA, HON
No. 11, Kyle Chisholm, Valrico, FL, KAW
No. 14, Kevin Windham, Centreville, MS, HON
No. 18, David Millsaps, Murrieta, CA, YAM
No. 21, Jake Weimer, Wildomar, ID, KAW
No. 24, Brett Metcalfe, Lake Elsinore, CA, SUZ
No. 25, Broc Tickle, Holly, MI, KAW
No. 27, Nicholas Wey, Murrieta, MI, KAW
No. 29, Andrew Short, Smithville, TX, HON
No. 33, Joshua Grant, Corona, CA, KAW
No. 34, Cole Seely, Murrieta, CA, HON
No. 36, Kyle Regal, Brighton, CA, HON
No. 38, Marvin Musquin, Murrieta, CA, KTM
No. 48, Jimmy Albertson, Ozark, MO, SUZ
No. 50, Nico Izzi, Menifee, CA, YAM
No. 52, Ben Lamay, Wasilla, AK, YAM
No. 54, Weston Peick, Wildomar, CA, KAW
No. 61, Austin Howell, Red Bluff, CA, KAW
No. 66, Jason Thomas, Melrose, FL, SUZ
No. 72, Jarred Jet Browne, Nuevo, CA, YAM
No. 75, Joshua Hill, Murrieta, CA, KAW
No. 81, Robert Kiniry, Holland Patent, NY, YAM
No. 82, Justin Sipes, Vine Grove, KY, KAW
No. 83, Kyle Partridge, Las Vegas, NV, KAW
No. 85, Robert Marshall, Stow, MA, KTM
No. 87, Matthew Goerke, Lake Helen, FL, SUZ
No. 100, Joshua Hansen, Elbert, CO, KAW
No. 125, Daniel Blair, Lodi, CA, SUZ
No. 133, Myles Tedder, Surfside, CA, KAW
No. 211, Tevin Tapia, Menifee, CA, KTM
No. 212, Auston Albers, Commerce, GA, HON
No. 224, Heath Harrison, Silverhill, AL, HON
No. 339, Michael Thacker, Fort Worth, TX, KAW
No. 384, Carl Schlacht, Strongsville, OH, YAM
No. 443, Jeffrey Mort, Niagara Falls, NY, KAW
No. 501, Scotty Wennerstrom Jr., Tyler, TX, SUZ
No. 565, Preston Mull, Livingston, CA, HON
No. 587, Dustin Kendall, Carlisle, PA, SUZ
No. 606, Ronnie Stewart, Easton, PA, SUZ
No. 617, Gavin Faith, Fort Dodge, IA, HON
No. 620, Brad Nauditt, Colbert, WA, HON
No. 643, Jake Oswald, Alpine, CA, HON
No. 652, Dustin Pipes, Madera, CA, SUZ
No. 659, Justin Freund, De Soto, MO, KAW
No. 697, Kyle Goerke, Lake Helen, FL, SUZ
No. 702, Cameron Stone, Birchwood, TN, KAW
No. 707, Alex Millican, Rockwall, TX, YAM
No. 722, Adam Enticknap, Lompoc, CA, KAW
No. 757, Kevin Johnson, Spring, TX, KTM
No. 773, Walt Van Olden Jr., Modesto, CA, KAW
No. 800, Mike Alessi, Hilliard, FL, SUZ
No. 801, Jeff Alessi, Victorville, CA,
No. 831, Ryan Smith, Axton, VA, SUZ
No. 854, Landen Powell, South Jordan, UT, HON
No. 862, Ozzy Barbaree, White Hall, AR, KAW
No. 930, Tom Parsons, Citra, FL, HON
No. 945, Michael Stryker, New Paltz, NY, KTM


Mar 05 | Daytona International Speedway Honored as Corporation of the Year by America’s Blood Centers


America’s Blood Centers, the nation’s network of non-profit community blood centers, has selected Daytona International Speedway as Corporation of the Year.

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. – America’s Blood Centers, the nation’s network of non-profit community blood centers, has selected Daytona International Speedway as Corporation of the Year.  The award is given to a corporation that demonstrates an exceptional commitment to the volunteer blood community and to the national awareness of the need for blood donations during 2011. Daytona International Speedway holds regular blood drives each year with Florida’s Blood Centers.

“The ‘World Center of Racing’ took the checkered flag for blood drives nationwide last year,” said Daytona International Speedway Joie Chitwood III. “But, while we cannot be more proud of our effort and honored by this great recognition, we plan to build upon our success to continue saving lives in our community.”

“Race fans are dedicated blood donors. They roll up their sleeves to save lives,” said Mike Pratt, FBC’s Chief Operating Officer and Interim CEO. “Last year Daytona International Speedway hosted one of the largest blood drives FBC has ever had.”

Three times a year, the Speedway turns areas within its facility such as the Daytona 500 Club into a blood center and race fans drive far and wide to roll up their sleeves and donate.  At the last blood drive, held on September 10, 2011, the Speedway broke its own record by registering 1,064 donors – a 50 percent increase over its previous drive!  Over 3,500 donors have responded to the speedway’s call for blood donations over the last six years, resulting in over 10,000 lives impacted.
Tickets for events at Daytona International Speedway are available online at or by calling 1-800-PITSHOP. Fans can stay connected with Daytona International Speedway on Facebook ( and Twitter ( and fans can also follow NASCAR (@NASCAR) and hashtags #NASCAR and #DAYTONA500.


Mar 02 | Construction Begins on Ricky Carmichael Signature Design Course For The Daytona Supercross By Honda


Immediately following the 54th annual Daytona 500, construction began to transform the Daytona International Speedway tri-oval into a challenging Supercross course for the Daytona Supercross By Honda on March 10.

Daytona Supercross By Honda course
DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. – Immediately following the 54th annual Daytona 500 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race, construction began to transform the famous Daytona International Speedway tri-oval into a challenging Supercross course for the Daytona Supercross By Honda, which will be held on Saturday night, March 10.

Mark Barnett, a three-time national champion and owner of Bomber Built, is building the course for the fifth-straight year. Bomber Built is one of the leading track builders in the country, specializing in custom Motocross and Supercross track design.

Also returning for the fifth-straight year is course designer and five-time Daytona Supercross By Honda champion Ricky Carmichael. The Ricky Carmichael Signature Design course will draw some parallels to last year’s layout with the placement of the starting gate remaining on pit road and providing fans with a great view of the first turn. It will also feature slight changes in the course’s configuration, particularly in the corners.

"It’s an honor and a pleasure to design the course for Daytona, where there is so much racing history involved,” said Carmichael, a 15-time AMA champion and winner of 150 AMA Pro Racing races and the prestigious Motocross of Nations. “It’s fun to sit down at the drawing board and to think of a design that will be fun and challenging for the riders, as well as exciting for the fans and for the people watching on television.”

This year’s Daytona Supercross By Honda will host the best Supercross riders in America with top names expected to compete such as two-time Daytona Supercross By Honda defending champion Ryan Villopoto, James Stewart, Ryan Dungey and Kevin Windham.

Riders will battle on one of the toughest and most challenging layouts of the season in an attempt to put their name alongside greats such as Bob Hannah, Jeff Stanton, Jeremy McGrath and Carmichael as winners of the Daytona Supercross By Honda.

The first Daytona Supercross race was held in 1971, making this the 41st year of Supercross at Daytona. This year also marks the 21st year that Honda has sponsored the Daytona Supercross By Honda.

Here’s a look at some of the numbers behind the construction of this year’s Daytona Supercross By Honda course:

– Number of tractors working to spread the dirt (1 front loader, 1 crawler, 2 skid steer)
8 – Number of dump trucks used to transport loads of dirt
29 – Number of jumps on the track up three from last year
204 – Number of dump truck loads of dirt used to build the course on the tri-oval grass
128 – Number of man-hours needed to complete the construction of the course
420 – Number of 2x9 Styrofoam blocks which will be used for safety along the course
3,200 – Mileage (in feet) of the Supercross course from start to finish
4,500 – Yards of dirt needed to build the Supercross track

The paddock for Supercross teams will again be staged in the blue garages, which are located adjacent to the Sprint FANZONE and provide easy accessibility for the fans.

For more information and tickets for the Daytona Supercross By Honda, visit or call 1-800-PITSHOP.

Fans can stay connected with Daytona International Speedway on Twitter ( and Facebook (



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