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DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. (March 3, 2008) – The American Historic Motorcycle Racing Motorcycle Association (AHRMA) has turned back the clock for the next two days at historic Daytona International Speedway and attracting plenty of attention in the garage is a replica 1948 Indian that the late Floyd Emde rode to victory in that year’s Daytona 200 By Honda.
The replica 750cc, 45-cubic inch bike was built by Steve Huntzinger with the help of Floyd Emde’s son and 1972 Daytona 200 By Honda winner Don Emde.
Emde has brought the No. 99 blue-colored Indian to AHRMA Vintage Days at Daytona International Speedway and is riding this historic bike in the “Great Men, Great Machines” parade.
“It’s been 60 years this year from when he won the 200,” Emde said. “I just wanted to do something and let people remember those old days. It was a fun project. We found this Big Base Scout Indian. There were only about 30 of them that were ever made. I had to find one, which I actually did in an auction, and got it with a guy who is a top level restorer.
“I just had to find all the old photos and find the old parts and stuff. He put it together. Everything on it is from the old photos in our personal collection when my dad won the race. Every little decal, every foot peg, it’s the exact brand of tires, everything on it is exactly the way he rode it.”
Floyd Emde won the Daytona 200 back in 1948 when the race was still being held on the beach. He averaged 84.01 mph in his victory and was the last rider to win the Daytona 200 By Honda aboard an Indian.
Don Emde joined his father Floyd as a Daytona 200 champion in 1972 at DIS, and to date, is the only father-son combination to win the Daytona 200 By Honda.
Emde, who will ride the bike again in Tuesday’s “Great Men, Great Machines” parade, says he is keeping his laps simple on the track.
“I don’t want to do anything newsworthy on the lap,” Emde said. “I just want to get out and get back in and just get the laps in.”
Emde has a strong passion for the Daytona 200 By Honda, which will go green on Saturday at 2 p.m. with the AMA Formula Xtreme Series.
He has penned a book on the historic race and will continue to update the book with new editions. Bringing back a replica of his

father’s Daytona 200-winning bike to Daytona International Speedway is another way to keep alive the memory of his father’s victory but also to continue to build the significance of America’s premier motorcycle event.
“I’ve published the book – the history of the Daytona 200,” Emde said. “It’s a book project that we intended to keep going since the race keeps going. (The bike) is just one more way for us to honor my father but also the heritage of this great race.”
AHRMA continues racing on Tuesday before AMA moves into “The World Center of Racing” on Wednesday. Tickets for Daytona 200 Week By Honda are available at http:///www.racetickets.com, at the gate or by calling 1-800-PITSHOP.
AHRMA Monday Race Results
200 GP: 1. Jack Parker, 1966 Yamaha, 2. Sakis Vasilopoulos, 1967 Yamaha, 3. Edward Sensenig, 1962 BSA; Pre 1940: 1. Alex McClean, 1939 Norton, 2. Norbert Nickel, 1939 BMW, 3. Art Farley, 1939 WLDR/Harley; Production Lightweight: 1. Rick Benegbi, 1975 Honda, 2. David Rotvold, 1971 Honda; Charles Skarsaune, 1969 Triumph; BOT Formula 2: 1. Pete Friedland, 2006 NCR Millona, 2. Peter Politiek, 2003 Ducati, 3. Robert McLendon, 2006 Ducati; Open Two-Stroke: 1. Steven Asplant, 2007 Yamaha, 2. Charles Easterling, 1984 Yamaha, 3. Joseph Rutherford, 1978 Yamaha; SOS Two-Stroke: 1. Steven Thompson, 1995 Honda; Super Mono: 1. Kevin Keys, 2002 Honda, 2. Mark Hoyt, 2000 XR, 3. David Matthews, 1996 Skorpion; Classic 60s: 1. David King 1960 Norton, 2. John Cooper, 1960 Gold Star, 3. Dick Miles, 1962 Norton Manx; Classic 60s 650: 1. Bud Denny, 1961 Triton; Formula 125: 1. Alex McLean, 1978 Honda, 2. Neil Pooler, 1974 Can Am, 3. Derek Sloan, 1977 Honda; Sportsman 350: 1. Wes Orloff, Honda CB, 2. Bob Demitrius, 1972 Honda CB, 3. Scott Turner, 1968 Honda; Vintage Superbike Light: 1. Craig Breckon, 1982 Honda, 2. Ed Milich, 1982 Moto Guzzi, 3. Gary Smith, 1980 Kawasaki; 250 GP: 1. Paul Germain, 1968 Yamaha, 2. Jack Parker, 1968 Yamaha, 3. John Stephens, 1968 Ducati; Class C – Foot: 1. Alex McLean, 1939 Norton, 2. Norbert Nickel, 1939 BMW, 3. Ed Fisher, 1951 Triumph; Class C – Hand: 1. Art Farley, 1939 WLDR/Harley, 2. Kyle Corser, 1951 Harley, 3. Tim Droege, 1939 H-H/WLD.
BOT Formula 1: 1. Larry Pegram; 2. Arnold Hasting 2008 Ducati, 3. Craig McMartin, 1600 Vincent; BOT Formula 3: 1. Shigeru Honda, 2004 Ducati, 2. James Pooler, 1999 Suzuki, 3. Ryan Ambrose, 2003 Suzuki; Motard: 1. Mike Parker, 2004 KTM, 2. Brett Singer, 2007 Yamaha, 3. Bob Merkel, 2001 KTM; 350 GP: 1. Bruce Yoxsimer, 1968 AJS 2. Paul Germain, 1968 Ducati, 3. Steve Mahanes, 1968 Ducati; Formula 250: 1. Craig Breckon, 1970 Can-Am, 2, Jerry Herman, 1970 Can-Am, 3. Ralph Hudson, 1970 Yamaha; Production Heavyweight: 1. Rick Benegbi, 1975 Honda, 2. Bill Brint, 1976 Yamaha, 3. Flori Gruenwald, 1975 Honda; Vintage

Superbike Middle:
 1. Ed Milich, 1980 Ducati, 2. Greg Geonis, 1982 Kawasaki, 2. George Irish, 1981 Suzuki, Bears: 1. Stan Keyes, 1972 Norton, 2. Kenny Cummings, 1976 Triumph, 3. Stan Miller, 1973 BMW; Formula 500: 1. Charles Easterling, 1976 Yamaha, 2. Brian Oakley, 1975 YAM, 3. Gary Smith, 1972 Honda; Sportsman 500: 1. Mike Mathews, 1971 Honda, 2. Andrew Mauk, 1969 Honda, 3. Henry Syphers, 1966 Suzuki.
500 Premier: 1. Tim Joyce, 1962 Norton Manx, 2. Pat Mooney, 1962 Manx, 3. David Roper 1970 HD Sprint; Vintage Superbike Heavy: 1. Thad Wolff, 1980 Suzuki GS, 2. Shingo Saeki, 1977 Kawasaki, 3. Arthur Kowitz, 1975 Kawasaki; Super Mono 2: 1. Kevin Keys, 2002 Honda, 2. William House, 1995 Skorpion, 3. Brett Singer, 2007 Yamaha; Sound of Thunder: 1. Larry Pegram, Ducati, 2. Shane Narbonne, 2008 Triumph, 3. Chase Vivion, Triumph; Formula 750: 1. Paul Lima, 1970 North Triumph, 2. Brian Filo; 3. Ken Nemoto, 1972 Moto Guzzi; Formula Vintage: 1. Paul Lima, 1970 North Triumph, 2. Alexander VanDijk, 1970 CR 750, 3. Ken Nemoto, 1972 Moto Guzzi; Triumph Thruxton: 1. Robert McClendon, 2004 Triumph Thruxton, 2. Max Hinds, 2005 Triumph Thruxton, 3. Jeff Hinds, Triumph Thruxton.

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