Check out some of the best quotes from our DAYTONA 500 VIPs

Ken Griffey Jr.

On being at the DAYTONA 500: "This is truly an honor. I’ve watched the race numerous times. I’ve been here three times since I retired. To be able to start the race is pretty cool."

On the athleticism of NASCAR drivers: "These are guys that take what they do very seriously. Anytime you have to drive a car, listen to a guy on the radio and figure out what you want to do strategy-wise. There are a lot of things that these guys do other than driving and making left-hand turns. They are great athletes."


Florida Georgia Line

Brian Kelley on returning home: "It’s 100 percent a dream come true to be on a completely different end of it. For four years in high school, playing for the Seabreeze Sandcrabs baseball team, we sold merchandise in a little trailer to raise money for the team. Doing that for four years, coming to the races as a fan, and then coming back to entertain and play some of our songs. The energy here is undeniable. It’s unlike anything else. We’re so excited. It feels good to be home. It’s a beautiful day."

Tyler Hubbard on the new stadium: "The stadium is beautiful. It’s amazing. Flying in over it, it was awesome. It already looked like it was full of people. This is already a special place. You can feel the energy. It’s an honor to be here. It’s a huge day for us, huge day for racing, huge day for America."


Gerard Butler

On being at the DAYTONA 500: "The atmosphere is blowing me away…Arriving here today to the stadium, what an aura and atmosphere. I’m really excited."


John Cena

On being at the DAYTONA 500: "Being at DAYTONA, it’s a race that transcends the race, the entity and the business. It’s a destination. It’s truly an honor to be part of this."


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