Rolex 24 Camping
If you’re going to go to a 24-hour race, the best way to be a part of all the action is to immerse yourself in the experience for 24 hours – or more.

The only way to truly accomplish that is by camping in the famed DAYTONA infield, as nothing puts you in and around the action like staying here. You can do a lot of what you’d normally do camping, even build a fire, but before you grab your sleeping bag and tent or pack up the RV, there’s a few things you should know about camping at the “World Center of Racing”.

Camping Options Are Almost Gone

As the Rolex 24 At DAYTONA continues its growth in popularity, all infield camping and RV spots are now reserved, along with GEICO Park West RV camping. At this time, everything is sold out except for GEICO Park West tent camping. Spots for GEICO Park West, located outside of turns 1 and 2, are available for just $40 per vehicle. Access to trams taking you to the infield is made easy as the pick-up and drop off outside the Turn 1 Tram Plaza, next to the Florida Hospital Injector. If you’re interested in camping in the infield next year, make sure you sign up for the Club 24 newsletter to find out when spots go on sale. We also recommend securing a camping spot in GEICO Park West for this year, as this year’s campers will have first choice to renew or move their location next year. Campers for the Rolex 24 At DAYTONA often renew at a high percentage meaning the best way to move to a spot in the infield next year is to secure any spot possible this year.

Know What You Can & Can’t Bring

Nearly any mode of transportation other than your RV (note: RVs are not permitted in tent camping areas) or primary vehicle are not allowed inside the campgrounds. This means powered carts, ATVs, three-wheeled vehicles, scooters, lift trucks, tractor trailers, unpermitted golf carts, box trucks will not be permitted on the premises. In addition, fireworks, firearms, bicycles, motorcycles, skateboards, drones, hoverboards, cruising or excessive unnecessary driving is not permitted in the infield. Despite the things you’re asked to leave at home, there's actually a lot you can bring along and people get quite creative in making their campsites unique. Before you pack up your gear for the weekend, be sure to check out the complete list of what you can and can’t bring.

Things to Consider for RV Campers

Entry/Exit: RVs can only enter through the Turn 1 tunnel outside of Gate 40 off of Williamson Blvd., so be sure to plan accordingly. Your RV pass includes a tow pass, to be used for a tow vehicle or guests arriving separately from the RV. All tow vehicles in Reserved RV or camping sites will be allowed to drive in and out of the infield through Turn 1 Tunnel or Turn 4 Tunnel. Turn 1 Tunnel will be open 24 hours while Turn 4 Tunnel will have restricted overnight hours. To re-enter you must stop to show your wristband to the gate attendant, so be sure to have your wristband worn on you at all times.

On-Site Amenities: If you purchased a premium spot, you may have access to water and electricity. If you’re using a generator, be mindful of people around you and make sure to keep your site well-ventilated to keep carbon monoxide away from or above your unit and your neighbors’ sites.

On-Site Services: Sewage service is provided on property and you will see representatives driving around the camping areas starting at 8 am daily. If your RV is in need of service, please flag down a service technician to have it pumped. If you need your propane filled during race weekend, call Thompson Propane at 407-230-1672. For RV repairs, please contact Atlantic Mobile RV Service at 386-439-7378. For satellite repairs, please contact Satellite Services at 386-304-9824.

Rolex 24 Camping

Be Prepared for the Weather

The average high temperature for the race is around 70 degrees. The average low is around 50. In the past 20 years, there have certainly have been extremes in both directions, so be sure to check the weather before you go. It’s not uncommon for your clothing needs in a weekend to range from shorts and flip flops a nice coat and rain gear. Please dress in layers and pack appropriately. Because you’ll be there for 2-4 days, the weather is likely to -- and often does -- change. If you are in need of clothing or gear, make a stop at the Fanatics store in the UNOH Fanzone in the infield.

Respect Your Neighbors’ Space

Our spaces are pretty generous, but make sure you stick to what’s yours. Because it’s a long weekend, fans will arrive at different times throughout the weekend. Just because no one is in the spot next you on Thursday doesn’t mean there won’t be someone there on Friday or Saturday. If someone is parked or set up on your spot, just ask for help from a member of the friendly DIS staff to assist you in taking care of any problems. For the safety and consideration of all other guests, make sure your vehicle is fully parked in your spot. Access to the track and infield has to remain open to EMS and track officials, so please stay off the asphalt.

Get Insider Access

The only way to get closer to the action than spending a weekend in the DIS infield is to get exclusive garage access. Access for this must-have experience is available on Thursday and Friday for just $10 per day, while two-day access for both Saturday and Sunday is now available for only $45. Don’t miss your chance to go behind-the-scenes to see your favorite cars, drivers and race teams hard at work. Get access now or call 1-800-PITSHOP.

Rolex 24 Garage

Do you any camping-related questions for us? If so, let us know in the comment box below.


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