Favorite DAYTONA 500 Moments
We asked, you answered. What is your all-time favorite DAYTONA 500 moment?

We asked you, the fans, for your all-time favorite DAYTONA 500 moments. From 2019 to 1959, here are a few responses that stood out to us!

"Richard Petty-David Pearson crash in 1976. I was in the seats at pit road entrance and it happened directly in front of me!"

- Art Spaulding, Facebook

1976 DAYTONA 500

"Yarborough vs. Allison fight in 1979!"

- Steve Yardin, Facebook

"The restart at the end of the 1985 race. The ability Bill Elliott had to build a large lead in such a short time!"

- @gumby6111984, Twitter

1989 DAYTONA 500

"In 1989 when Darrell Waltrip danced in Gatorade Victory Lane. I became a DW fan for life that day! 🏁"

- hlumson, Instagram

"Allison's win in 1992 and the 'Dale and Dale Show' in 1993!"

- @goldeneye_forever_, Instagram

"1992 because it was my first time watching a race flag-to-flag, thanks to our new VCR!"

- @PSterling9512, Twitter

"1992 DAYTONA 500! First time ever seeing a NASCAR race and seeing Richard Petty begin his fan appreciation tour!"

- @mrnascar4345, Instagram

1992 DAYTONA 500

"Easily when Ned Jarrett was calling Dale Jarrett to the win in 1993!"

- @Bryan_49Ford, Twitter

"In 1998, when everyone on Pit Road congratulated Dale Earnhardt on his win! Such a moving moment..."

- Rebecca Pearson, Facebook

1998 DAYTONA 500 Finish

- "In 1998 when Dale Earnhardt finally on the DAYTONA 500, the reception he received on Pit Road still gives me goosebumps."

- Mike Murphy, Facebook

"It has to be the 1998 DAYTONA 500 with with Dale Earnhardt winning after 20 tries. Next are the two Dale Jr. victories in 2004 and 2014."

- David Hanscom, Facebook

"The closing laps of the 1999 DAYTONA 500! The #24 and the #3 racing hard to the end!"

- Juan Carlos Torres, Facebook

"Jeff Gordon's second DAYTONA 500 victory in 1999. I was watching the event on TV and Jeff Gordon instantly became my childhood hero from that day forward!"

- Thomas Hughes, Facebook

"1999 Jeff Gordon going three-wide for about two entire laps in the race to ultimately take the lead! It was the first auto race of any kind that I ever saw in person!"

- @Sbloom_79, Twitter

DAYTONA 500 Finish

"All of Jeff Gordon's wins!"

- Josh Ricasolo, Facebook

"Watching Dale Jr. win the DAYTONA 500 in 2004 was pure magic, and winning again in 2014 and posting a selfie to Twitter!"

- @mary4jr88, Twitter

"Jimmie Johnson winning in 2006 and 2013!"

- @IcyColt, Twitter

"The 2007 DAYTONA 500, I was in shock watching the TV with so much going on those last couple laps!"

- John Bodnar, Facebook

"My all-time favorite DAYTONA 500 moment was the entirety of the 2012 installment. Being a lifelong Matt Kenseth fan, I was on the edge of my seat for the entire race as he had an overheating problem early, nearly went a lap down, raced back through the field!"

- Robbie Steinmetz, Facebook

"Getting to go to the 2018 DAYTONA 500!"

- Jay Wilkins, Facebook


- "When I was at my first DAYTONA 500 this year and my favorite driver, Denny Hamlin won. It was awesome!"

- Randy Price, Facebook

"When I finally was able to make it to my first ever DAYTONA 500 this year! I'm 34 and since I was 10 years old, all I wanted to do was visit DAYTONA. I'm not going to lie, I got teary-eyed big time! I've been to other tracks many times, but to finally see the DAYTONA 500 in person, I'll never forget it."

- Sonny Barnes, Facebook

"Denny Hamlin in 2019! I've never been more happy!"

- @Misty_Viper, Twitter

Did we miss your favorite DAYTONA 500 moment? Let us know in the comments below!


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