Where’s the Best Place to Sit At DAYTONA?

Whether from the highest row in Turn 4, the front row at the start/finish line, the infield, and anywhere in between, we asked you, the fans, your idea of the best seat to watch a race at the “World Center of Racing.” We received hundreds of responses, but we’ve picked out a few of our favorites below!

Turn 4/Pit Entrance

Views from Turn 4

“Where I go for EVERY RACE! First row across from pit entrance! Always get to see an awesome finish out of Turn 4!”

– Phil Bradimarti, Facebook

“Right where this pic was taken from! You can see the cars pull in and watch the pit stops, as well as the cars going full throttle down the straight. The sound is incredible!”

– @buddy_the_budster_basset_hound, Instagram

“Turn 4 to the pit road entrance. Nothing like the (sound) building as the pack makes its way through the turn!”

– Kevin Burke, Facebook

“Turn 4, pit in area. All of the drivers line up there before the race, and you can stay in the sun a bit longer if it gets chilly!”

– Lisa Daley, Facebook

“Turn 4, in the upper section. Section 333 rocks!”

– @casinodiana, Instagram

– “Section 319. Perfect view off Turn 4 and right into pit road!”

@rmclellan01, Instagram

– “Turn 4 top row. It’s fun looking down at all the people, (you see) killer sunsets, and you have no one behind you so you can stand up and stretch.”

Doug Drinkwater, Facebook

Turn 1/Pit Exit

Views from Turn 1

“Turn 1 Row 1. Sat there for my first race in 1999 and hooked instantly. I got a need for speed!”

– Bob Morgan, Facebook

“Section 359, you see everything!”

– Dean Coco, Facebook

“Near pit exit. Good view of the race off pit road and a good angle on the start/finish.”

– @JoeMerenda, Twitter

“Exit to pit road is always a favorite of mine! Great pit views as well as turns one and two, and you can’t beat the race off pit road in real time! ❤️”

– Suzan Daphne, Facebook

“Pit road exit. It’s where all the action is just after the start/finish line!”

– Glen Hudolin, Facebook

“About Row 30 or higher near pit road exit!”

– @waynep88, Twitter

“I sat on Turn 4 for at least 25 years then slowly made my way down to Turn 1 with an excellent view of pit row, the whole frontstretch including the starter stand!”

– Carol P Vincequerra, Facebook

Start/Finish Line

Start/finish line

“Front row! Coolest experience and I can’t wait to come down there again!”

– Hunter Nulty, Facebook

“They should sit as high as they can at the start/finish line, you can see all of pit row!”

– Jerry Spears, Facebook

“Somewhere close to the starting line!”

– @bradykondek, Instagram

Anywhere at DAYTONA!

Fans at DAYTONA!

“Really anywhere on the frontstretch and above row 20. The infield pre-race tickets are really worth it as well. 😎👍🍷🍇🏁”

– @therambler01, Instagram

“One does not SIT at a NASCAR race! How can you?!? LOL!”

– Doug Tussing, Facebook

“Middle section, pit in or out. We did last year in July, this year we moved to pit out. Will be cool to see the different perspectives!”

– @stacys_great_adventure, Instagram

“It doesn’t matter, DAYTONA rocks!! I LOVE IT!!! If you want to see everything get on the top row, if you want to feel everything get closer to the track. Bring your scanner and a set of headphones so you can hear the drivers talk smack about everything. You will be hooked!”

– @ecw1968, Instagram

Where do you think is the best spot to watch a race at Daytona International Speedway? Let us know in the comments below!