What’s the Most Important Part of Raceday?

We asked you, the fans, what you thought was the most important aspect of attending a race at DAYTONA. We received 2.5 miles worth of responses, and we’ve picked out a few of our favorite answers below!

Raceday at DAYTONA!

“Watching three- and four-wide racing at the best track in the world. DIS, baby!”

– Scott Cayson, Facebook

“Camping in the infield on Turn One and and some really great friends! 🏁”

– Robert Cox, Facebook

“I love raceday, but the couple days before is really exciting. Everyone is having a good time in the campgrounds loooking forward to raceday!”

– Ben Dowden, Facebook

“We enjoy the opening ceremony the best. As an important part of raceday, it sets the tone for the entire race. Seeing all the crews, drivers and others standing on pit road is special.”

– Pam Hogan Craig, Facebook

– “To see my buddy Landon (Cassill) before he races 😊. Aaaand the Tweetup!”

– Presley Kern, Facebook

– “The smell of racing fuel and the roar of the engines!”

– Jason Rondo, Twitter

“Aside from the joy of being with my family, the first time they come around Turn Four at full speed after the green flag is dropped!”

– @jenniesimko, Instagram

Raceday at DAYTONA!

“Other than the awesome spectacle itself, your excellent Lot 7 parking egress. So much more enjoyable not having to sit in traffic!”

– Gregory Daughtery, Facebook

“Everything! The sounds, the cars coming around the turns, the smells, and the drivers interacting with fans!”

– @murlocvader, Instagram

“Walking on Pit Road and being as close as I can get to the cars and maybe run into my (favorite) driver!”

– Christian Kuhr, Facebook

“All of raceday is important to me as a fan visiting the track – from trip to track to trip (home) and everything in between. @DISUpdates is one of my favorite tracks – relatively easy to get to and get back and great activity at track before and obviously during the race!”

– John West, Twitter

“Opening ceremonies, national anthem, (invocation), recognition of all serving, (drivers) start your engines!”

– Jamie Hoke, Facebook

“Pre-race, (UNOH Fanzone), and signing the start/finish line!”

– Larry Lawrence, Facebook

“It doesn’t matter as long as I’m at Daytona International Speedway. By far my favorite place!”

– Ron Shappy, Facebook

Raceday at DAYTONA!

“Being in a great spot for the start and finish of the race… Rolex Lounge, for example!”

– Renee Mack, Facebook

“Flyover, drop of the green flag and seeing my No. 11 (Denny Hamlin) WIN!!”

– Julie Opphile-Roberts, Facebook

“I think the interaction between driver/crew members and the fans.. and of course the pre-race festivities. But most importantly, the recognition of and tribute to our troops!”

– Shannell Wyatt, Facebook

Raceday at DAYTONA!

“Access to the pits/garages and the Rolex Lounge hospitality. @Rolex24Hours is the best event at DAYTONA – period!”

– @theDrDalto, Twitter

“Getting that first smell of fuel and burning rubber! 🤘🏁”

– @dominic_daoust05, Instagram

“The nine hour flight from the UK and everything about the whole event was breathtaking! 🤩”

– Shona Bracegirdle, Facebook

“Meeting drivers and crews, and the pre-race ceremony. Gathering with friends who I only see once a year!”

– Marshall Kennett, Facebook

“Cold beer, sunshine, and lots of memories!”

– Matthew Samborski, Facebook

“Spending time with my son! 🏁”

– Shelton Todd, Facebook

“All of it, from when comes up (until) the night is over!”

– Wesley Thompson, Facebook

What do you think is most important when you visit Daytona International Speedway to watch a race? Let us know in the comments below!