Make the most out of your day at Daytona International Speedway! Whether you just arrived at the "World Center of Racing” or finishing your day before your DAYTONA experience comes to a close, be sure explore several noteworthy points of interests across the property!

  • The founders of NASCAR are the first to greet you upon your visit to the “World Center of Racing" as Big Bill and Anne watch over one of their proudest triumphs.

    Tour Calendar Hero

  • Get an up close look at what makes these well-crafted, 3,300-lb machines so powerful.

    Look Inside A Car

  • A trip to DAYTONA isn’t complete without bringing home some memories. We have a huge selection of perfect items that are exclusively available this gift shop in the Tickets & Tours Building.

    Daytona Pit Stop

  • DAYTONA’s winningest driver is forever immortalized in bronze as he holds the Harley J. Earl DAYTONA 500 Trophy from his 1998 DAYTONA 500 victory.

    Dale Statue

  • Walk in the footsteps of your heroes – quite literally. Since starting the tradition in 1996 with Dale Jarrett, each DAYTONA 500 champion has a block in which they leave a handprint and footprint in concrete, forever immortalizing themselves in DIS history.

    Daytona 500 Walk Of Fame

  • Celebrate the man that brought Daytona International Speedway and NASCAR into the modern age as his larger-than-life figure stands watching the masses enter what will forever be his home.

    Bill France Jr Statue

  • The 1.5-mile AdventHealth Walking Trail makes for the perfect exercise as it winds up and down the frontstretch of the venue along the Midway.

    Adventhealth Walking Trail





















  • The perfect memento for your trip, make sure to pull off the road and park your car so the entire family can get a one-of-a-kind photo together, with the iconic, 355 ft. wide DIS sign perfectly framed in the shot.

    Selfie Spot

  • Sit down and take a load off in the cool, shaded spot as this canopy-like structure built of 7,186 total solar panels not only offers shade but also generates clean solar energy for an average number of 400 homes and 2,110 classrooms per year!

    Can Am Duel


ONE DAYTONA is the new shopping, dining and entertainment complex directly across from Daytona International Speedway. In celebration of DAYTONA Speedweeks Presented By AdventHealth, ONE DAYTONA will have a fantastic line-up of live entertainment for guests to enjoy. Our Speedweeks entertainment features a lineup of local Central Florida Country, Southern Rock and Florida South Blues music that you won’t find anywhere else. ONE DAYTONA’s entertainment schedule compliments the race times at Daytona International Speedway so race fans can enjoy both!

All entertainment can be found on the main stage in Victory Circle, which is located off of Daytona Boulevard behind P.F. Chang’s.